Usage With zend-servicemanager

zend-di is designed to play and integrate well with zend-servicemanager. When you are using zend-component-installer, you just need to install zend-di via composer and you're done.

Service Factories For DI instances

zend-di ships with two service factories to provide the Zend\Di\InjectorInterface implementation.

  • Zend\Di\Container\ConfigFactory: Creates a config instance by using the "config" service.

  • Zend\Di\Container\InjectorFactory: Creates the injector instance that uses a Zend\Di\ConfigInterface service, if available.

use Zend\Di;
use Zend\Di\Container;

$serviceManager->setFactory(Di\ConfigInterface::class, Container\ConfigFactory::class);
$serviceManager->setFactory(Di\InjectorInterface::class, Container\InjectorFactory::class);

Abstract/Generic Service Factory

This component ships with an generic factory Zend\Di\Container\AutowireFactory. This factory is suitable as an abstract service factory for use with zend-servicemanager.

You can also use it to create instances with zend-di using an IoC container (e.g. inside a service factory):

use Zend\Di\Container\AutowireFactory;
(new AutowireFactory())->__invoke($container, MyClassname::class);

Or you can use it as factory in your service configuration directly:

return [
    'factories' => [
        SomeClass::class => \Zend\Di\Container\AutowireFactory::class,

Service Factory For AoT Code Generation

zend-di also provides a factory for Zend\Di\CodeGenerator\InjectorGenerator. This factory (Zend\Di\Container\GeneratorFactory) is also auto registered by the Module and ConfigProvider classes for zend-mvc and Expressive.

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