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Migration to Version 2

If you are only using the PSR-7 implementations (e.g., Request, Response, ServerRequest, etc.), migrating to v2 can be done by updating your zendframework/zend-diactoros constraint in your composer.json. You have two options for doing so:

  • Adopt the v2 release specifically:
  $ composer require "zendframework/zend-diactoros:^2.0"
  • Update your constraint to allow either version:

  • Edit the constraint in your composer.json to read:

    "zendframework/zend-diactoros": "^1.8.6 || ^2.0"
  • Update your dependencies:
    $ composer update

The first approach may fail if libraries you depend on specifically require a version 1 release. The second approach may leave you on a version 1 release in situations where other libraries you depend on require version 1.

In all cases, if you are only using the PSR-7 implementations and/or the ServerRequestFactory::fromGlobals() functionality, upgrading to version 2 will pose no backwards compatibility issues.


  • Zend\Diactoros\RequestTrait now raises an InvalidArgumentException in withMethod() for invalid HTTP method values.

  • Zend\Diactoros\Serializer\Request::toString() no longer raises an UnexpectedValueException due to an unexpected HTTP method; this is due to the fact that the HTTP method value can no longer be set to an invalid value.


Several features were removed for version 2. These include removal of the Emitter functionality, the Server implementation, and a number of methods on the ServerRequestFactory.


Zend\Diactoros\Response\EmitterInterface and all emitter implementations were removed from zend-diactoros. They are now available in the zendframework/zend-httphandlerrunner package. In most cases, these can be replaced by changing the namespace of imported classes from Zend\Diactoros\Response to Zend\HttpHandlerRunner\Emitter.


The Zend\Diactoros\Server class has been removed. We recommend using the RequestHandlerRunner class from zendframework/zend-httphandlerrunner to provide these capabilities instead. Usage is similar, but the RequestHandlerRunner provides better error handling, and integration with emitters.

ServerRequestFactory Methods

A number of public static methods have been removed from ServerRequestFactory. The following table details the methods removed, and replacements you may use if you still require the functionality.

Method Removed Replacement functionality
normalizeServer() Zend\Diactoros\normalizeServer()
marshalHeaders() Zend\Diactoros\marshalHeadersFromSapi()
marshalUriFromServer() Zend\Diactoros\marshalUriFromSapi()
marshalRequestUri() Uri::getPath() from the Uri instance returned by marshalUriFromSapi()
marshalHostAndPortFromHeaders() Uri::getHost() and Uri::getPort() from the Uri instances returned by marshalUriFromSapi()
stripQueryString() explode("?", $path, 2)[0]
normalizeFiles() Zend\Diactoros\normalizeUploadedFiles()

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