Generating custom resources

The ResourceGenerator allows composing Zend\Expressive\Hal\ResourceGenerator\StrategyInterface instances. The StrategyInterface defines the following:

namespace Zend\Expressive\Hal\ResourceGenerator;

use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;
use Zend\Expressive\Hal\HalResource;
use Zend\Expressive\Hal\Metadata;
use Zend\Expressive\Hal\ResourceGenerator;

interface StrategyInterface
     * @param object $instance Instance from which to create Resource.
     * @throws Exception\UnexpectedMetadataTypeException for metadata types the
     *     strategy cannot handle.
    public function createResource(
        Metadata\AbstractMetadata $metadata,
        ResourceGenerator $resourceGenerator,
        ServerRequestInterface $request
    ) : HalResource;

When you register a strategy, you will map a metadata type to the strategy; the ResourceGenerator will then call your strategy whenever it encounteres metadata of that type.

$resourceGenerator->addStrategy(CustomMetadata::class, CustomStrategy::class);

// or:
$resourceGenerator->addStrategy(CustomMetadata::class, $strategyInstance);

You can also add your strategies via the configuration:

return [
    'zend-expressive-hal' => [
        'resource-generator' => [
            'strategies' => [
                CustomMetadata::class => CustomStrategy::class,

If a strategy already is mapped for the given metadata type, this method will override it.

To facilitate common operations, this library provides two traits, Zend\Expressive\Hal\ResourceGenerator\ExtractCollectionTrait and Zend\Expressive\Hal\ResourceGenerator\ExtractInstanceTrait; inspect these if you decide to write your own strategies.

In order for the MetadataMap to be able to use your CustomMetadata you need to register a factory (implementing Zend\Expressive\Hal\Metadata\MetadataFactoryInterface) for it. You can register them via the configuration:

return [
    'zend-expressive-hal' => [
        'metadata-factories' => [
            CustomMetadata::class => CustomMetadataFactory::class,

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