zend-file provides two specific pieces of functionality:

  • a ClassFileLocator, which can be used to find PHP class files under a given tree.
  • a Transfer subcomponent, for managing file uploads and reporting upload progress.

The Transfer subcomponent is deprecated, and we recommend using the file-related functionality in:

  • zend-filter, which provides functionality around moving uplaoded files to their final locations, renaming uploaded files, and encrypting and decrypting uploaded files.
  • zend-validator, which provides functionality around validating uploaded files based on: number of files uploaded, MIME types and/or extensions, upload status, compression, hashing, and more.
  • zend-progressbar, which provides functionality for providing file upload status.

If you are determined to use the Transfer subcomponent, despite its deprecation, please see the Zend Framework 1 documentation on the component; you can substitute Underscore_Separated_Names for their namespaced equivalents to adapt the examples to this component.

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