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File Upload Input

The Zend\InputFilter\FileInput class is a special Input type for uploaded files found in the $_FILES array.

While FileInput uses the same interface as Input, it differs in a few ways:

  1. It expects the raw value to be in a normalized $_FILES array format. See the PSR-7 Uploaded files chapter for details on how to accomplish this. Diactoros and zend-http can do this for you.
  2. The validators are run before the filters (which is the opposite behavior of Input). This is so that any is_uploaded_file() validation can be run prior to any filters that may rename/move/modify the file.
  3. Instead of adding a NotEmpty validator, it will (by default) automatically add a Zend\Validator\File\UploadFile validator.

The biggest thing to be concerned about is that if you are using a <input type="file"> element in your form, you will need to use the FileInput instead of Input or else you will encounter issues.

Basic Usage

Usage of FileInput is essentially the same as Input:

use Zend\Http\PhpEnvironment\Request;
use Zend\Filter;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilter;
use Zend\InputFilter\Input;
use Zend\InputFilter\FileInput;
use Zend\Validator;

// Description text input
$description = new Input('description'); // Standard Input type
$description->getFilterChain()           // Filters are run first w/ Input
            ->attach(new Filter\StringTrim());
$description->getValidatorChain()        // Validators are run second w/ Input
            ->attach(new Validator\StringLength(['max' => 140]));

// File upload input
$file = new FileInput('file');           // Special File Input type
$file->getValidatorChain()               // Validators are run first w/ FileInput
     ->attach(new Validator\File\UploadFile());
$file->getFilterChain()                  // Filters are run second w/ FileInput
     ->attach(new Filter\File\RenameUpload([
         'target'    => './data/tmpuploads/file',
         'randomize' => true,

// Merge $_POST and $_FILES data together
$request  = new Request();
$postData = array_merge_recursive($request->getPost()->toArray(), $request->getFiles()->toArray());

$inputFilter = new InputFilter();

if ($inputFilter->isValid()) {           // FileInput validators are run, but not the filters...
    echo "The form is valid\n";
    $data = $inputFilter->getValues();   // This is when the FileInput filters are run.
} else {
    echo "The form is not valid\n";
    foreach ($inputFilter->getInvalidInput() as $error) {
        print_r ($error->getMessages());

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