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Getting information from the LDAP server


See the following documents for more information on the attributes contained within the RootDSE for a given LDAP server.

Getting hands on the RootDSE

use Zend\Ldap\Ldap;

$options = [/* ... */];
$ldap = new Ldap($options);
$rootdse = $ldap->getRootDse();
$serverType = $rootdse->getServerType();

Schema Browsing

Getting hands on the server schema

use Zend\Ldap\Ldap;

$options = [/* ... */];
$ldap = new Ldap($options);
$schema = $ldap->getSchema();
$classes = $schema->getObjectClasses();


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Due to restrictions on Microsoft ActiveDirectory servers regarding the number of entries returned by generic search routines and due to the structure of the ActiveDirectory schema repository, schema browsing is currently not available for Microsoft ActiveDirectory servers.

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