Migration: From zend-mvc v2 DI/ServiceManager integration

zend-servicemanager-di ports all DI integration present in:

to a single, optional component. As such, a number of classes were renamed that may impact end-users.

zend-servicemanager functionality

The following classes were originally in zend-servicemanager, but are now shipped as part of this package:

  • Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiAbstractServiceFactory
  • Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiInstanceManagerProxy
  • Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiServiceFactory
  • Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiServiceInitializer

Some functionality was altered slightly to allow usage under both zend-servicemanager v2 and v3, including how instance names and instance-specific parameters are handled.


The constructor was changed to remove the $name and $parameters arguments. These are now passed at invocation of the factory instead, making it perform more correctly with relation to other FactoryInterface implementations.

zend-mvc functionality

The following classes were renamed:

  • Zend\Mvc\Service\DiAbstractServiceFactoryFactory was renamed to Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiAbstractServiceFactoryFactory.
  • Zend\Mvc\Service\DiServiceInitializerFactory was renamed to Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiServiceInitializerFactory.
  • Zend\Mvc\Service\DiFactory was renamed to Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiFactory.
  • Zend\Mvc\Service\DiStrictAbstractServiceFactory was renamed to Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiStrictAbstractServiceFactory
  • Zend\Mvc\Service\DiStrictAbstractServiceFactoryFactory was renamed to Zend\ServiceManager\Di\DiStrictAbstractServiceFactoryFactory

All of the above are registered under service names identical to those used in v2 versions of zend-mvc, meaning no change in usage for the majority of use cases.

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