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Cache patterns are configurable objects that solve known performance bottlenecks. Each should be used only in the specific situations they are designed to address. For example, you can use the CallbackCache, ObjectCache, or ClassCache patterns to cache method and function calls; to cache output generation, the OutputCache pattern could assist.

All cache patterns implement Zend\Cache\Pattern\PatternInterface, and most extend the abstract class Zend\Cache\Pattern\AbstractPattern, which provides common logic.

Configuration is provided via the Zend\Cache\Pattern\PatternOptions class, which can be instantiated with an associative array of options passed to the constructor. To configure a pattern object, you can provide a Zend\Cache\Pattern\PatternOptions instance to the setOptions() method, or provide your options (either as an associative array or PatternOptions instance) to the second argument of the factory.

It's also possible to use a single instance of Zend\Cache\Pattern\PatternOptions and pass it to multiple pattern objects.

Quick Start

Pattern objects can either be created from the provided Zend\Cache\PatternFactory, or by instantiating one of the Zend\Cache\Pattern\*Cache classes.

// Via the factory:
$callbackCache = Zend\Cache\PatternFactory::factory('callback', [
    'storage' => 'apc',

// Or the equivalent manual instantiation:
$callbackCache = new Zend\Cache\Pattern\CallbackCache();
$callbackCache->setOptions(new Zend\Cache\Pattern\PatternOptions([
    'storage' => 'apc',

Available Methods

The following methods are implemented by Zend\Cache\Pattern\AbstractPattern. Please read documentation of specific patterns to get more information.

namespace Zend\Cache\Pattern;

interface PatternInterface
     * Set pattern options
     * @param  PatternOptions $options
     * @return PatternInterface
    public function setOptions(PatternOptions $options);

     * Get all pattern options
     * @return PatternOptions
    public function getOptions();

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