Cache Patterns


The OutputCache pattern caches output between calls to start() and end().

Quick Start

use Zend\Cache\PatternFactory;

$outputCache = PatternFactory::factory('output', [
    'storage' => 'apc'

Configuration Options

Option Data Type Default Value Description
storage string | array | Zend\Cache\Storage\StorageInterface none Adapter used for reading and writing cached data.

Available Methods

In addition to the methods defined in PatternInterface, this implementation defines the following methods.

namespace Zend\Cache\Pattern;

use Zend\Cache\Exception;

class OutputCache extends AbstractPattern
     * If there is a cached item with the given key, display its data, and
     * return true. Otherwise, start buffering output until end() is called, or
     * the script ends.
     * @param  string  $key Key
     * @throws Exception\MissingKeyException if key is missing
     * @return bool
    public function start($key);

     * Stop buffering output, write buffered data to the cache using the key
     * provided to start(), and display the buffer.
     * @throws Exception\RuntimeException if output cache not started or buffering not active
     * @return bool TRUE on success, FALSE on failure writing to cache
    public function end();


Caching simple View Scripts

$outputCache = Zend\Cache\PatternFactory::factory('output', [
    'storage' => 'apc',

include '/path/to/view/script.phtml';

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