The Class Map Generator utility: bin/classmap_generator.php

The script bin/classmap_generator.php can be used to generate class map files for use with the ClassMapAutoloader.

Internally, it consumes both the zend-console getopt functionality (for parsing command-line options) and the zend-file ClassFileLocator for recursively finding all PHP class files in a given tree.

Quick Start

You may run the script over any directory containing source code. By default, it will look in the current directory, and will write the script to autoloader_classmap.php in the directory you specify.

$ php classmap_generator.php Some/Directory/

Configuration Options

Option Description
--help | -h Returns the usage message. If any other options are provided, they will be ignored.
--library | -l Expects a single argument, a string specifying the library directory to parse. If this option is not specified, it will assume the current working directory.
--output | -o Where to write the autoload class map file. If not provided, assumes autoload_classmap.php in the library directory.
--append | -a Append to autoload file if it exists.
--overwrite | -w If an autoload class map file already exists with the name as specified via the --output option, you can overwrite it by specifying this flag. Otherwise, the script will not write the class map and return a warning.

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