Default Services

zend-mvc-console exists to enable legacy console tooling for zend-mvc applications. As such, one of its primary functions is providing services to the MVC layer.

This chapter details the various services registered by zend-mvc-console by default, the classes they represent, and any configuration options available.

Services provided

The following is a list of service names and what the service returns.

Service Name Creates instance of
ConsoleAdapter Zend\Console\Adapter\AdapterInterface
ConsoleExceptionStrategy Zend\Mvc\Console\View\ExceptionStrategy
ConsoleRouteNotFoundStrategy Zend\Mvc\Console\View\RouteNotFoundStrategy
ConsoleRouter Zend\Mvc\Console\Router\SimpleRouteStack
ConsoleViewManager Zend\Mvc\Console\View\ViewManager
Zend\Mvc\Console\View\DefaultRenderingStrategy Zend\Mvc\Console\View\DefaultRenderingStrategy
Zend\Mvc\Console\View\Renderer Zend\Mvc\Console\View\Renderer


The following is a list of service aliases.

Alias Aliased to
ConsoleDefaultRenderingStrategy Zend\Mvc\Console\View\DefaultRenderingStrategy
ConsoleRenderer Zend\Mvc\Console\View\Renderer

Delegator Factories

When operating in a console environment, several typical zend-mvc services need to operate differently, or require alternate services. To enable that, zend-mvc-console provides a number of delegator factories. The following is a list of those provided, the service they override, and a description of what they do.

Service Name Delegator Factory Description
Application Zend\Mvc\Console\Service\ConsoleApplicationDelegatorFactory In a console environment, attaches the Zend\Mvc\Console\View\ViewManager to the application instance before returning it.
ControllerManager Zend\Mvc\Console\Service\ControllerManagerDelegatorFactory Attaches an initializer for injecting AbstractConsoleController instances with a console adapter.
ControllerPluginManager Zend\Mvc\Console\Service\ControllerPluginManagerDelegatorFactory Injects the CreateConsoleNotFoundModel plugin into the controller PluginManager.
Request Zend\Mvc\Console\Service\ConsoleRequestDelegatorFactory If a console environment is detected, replaces the request with a Zend\Console\Request.
Response Zend\Mvc\Console\Service\ConsoleResponseDelegatorFactory If a console environment is detected, replaces the response with a Zend\Console\Response.
Router Zend\Mvc\Console\Router\ConsoleRouterDelegatorFactory If a console environment is detected, replaces the router with the ConsoleRouter service.
Zend\Mvc\SendResponseListener Zend\Mvc\Console\Service\ConsoleResponseSenderDelegatorFactory If a console environment is detected, attaches the Zend\Mvc\Console\ResponseSender\ConsoleResponseSender to the SendResponseListener.
ViewHelperManager Zend\Mvc\Console\Service\ConsoleViewHelperManagerDelegatorFactory If a console environment is detected, injects override factories for the url and basePath view helpers into the HelperPluginManager.

Application Configuration Options

Console tooling provides several locations for configuration, primarily at the service, routing, and view levels.


All services registered can be configured to use different factories; see the above tables for details on what service names to override.


Routing configuration is detailed in the routing chapter.


Zend\Mvc\Console\View\ViewManager acts similarly to its zend-mvc equivalent, and will look for one or the other of the following configuration structures:

return [
    'view_manager' => [
        'mvc_strategies' => $stringOrArrayOfMvcListenerServiceNames,
        'strategies'     => $stringOrArrayOfViewListenerServiceNames,
    'console'      => [
        'view_manager' => [
            'mvc_strategies' => $stringOrArrayOfMvcListenerServiceNames,
            'strategies'     => $stringOrArrayOfViewListenerServiceNames,

Preference is given to those under the console top-level key (those under view_manager are ignored if the console.view_manager structure exists).

mvc_strategies refers to view-related listeners that need to operate on the Zend\Mvc\MvcEvent context. strategies refers to view-related listeners that operate on the Zend\View\ViewEvent context.

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