Session Container

Zend\Session\Container instances provide the primary API for manipulating session data in zend-session. Containers are used to segregate all session data, although a default namespace exists for those who only want one namespace for all their session data.

Each instance of Zend\Session\Container corresponds to an entry of the Zend\Session\Storage, where the namespace is used as the key. Zend\Session\Container itself is an instance of an ArrayObject.

Basic Usage

use Zend\Session\Container;

$container = new Container('namespace');
$container->item = 'foo';

Setting the Default Session Manager

In the event you are using multiple session managers or prefer to be explicit, the default session manager that is utilized can be explicitly set.

use Zend\Session\Container;
use Zend\Session\SessionManager;

$manager = new SessionManager();

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