Session Save Handlers

zend-session comes with a set of save handler classes. Save handlers themselves are decoupled from PHP's save handler functions and are only implemented as a PHP save handler when utilized in conjunction with Zend\Session\SessionManager.


Zend\Session\SaveHandler\Cache allows you to provide an instance of Zend\Cache\Storage\Adapter\AdapterInterface to be utilized as a session save handler. Generally if you are utilizing the Cache save handler; you are likely using products such as memcached.

Basic usage

A basic example is one like the following:

use Zend\Cache\StorageFactory;
use Zend\Session\SaveHandler\Cache;
use Zend\Session\SessionManager;

$cache = StorageFactory::factory([
    'adapter' => [
       'name' => 'memcached',
       'options' => [
           'server' => '',

$saveHandler = new Cache($cache);
$manager = new SessionManager();


Zend\Session\SaveHandler\DbTableGateway allows you to utilize Zend\Db\TableGateway\TableGatewayInterface implementations as a session save handler. Setup of a DbTableGateway save handler requires an instance of Zend\Db\TableGateway\TableGatewayInterface and an instance of Zend\Session\SaveHandler\DbTableGatewayOptions. In the most basic setup, a TableGateway object and using the defaults of the DbTableGatewayOptions will provide you with what you need.

Creating the database table

CREATE TABLE `session` (
    `id` char(32),
    `name` char(32),
    `modified` int,
    `lifetime` int,
    `data` text,
     PRIMARY KEY (`id`, `name`)

Basic usage

use Zend\Db\TableGateway\TableGateway;
use Zend\Session\SaveHandler\DbTableGateway;
use Zend\Session\SaveHandler\DbTableGatewayOptions;
use Zend\Session\SessionManager;

$tableGateway = new TableGateway('session', $adapter);
$saveHandler  = new DbTableGateway($tableGateway, new DbTableGatewayOptions());
$manager      = new SessionManager();


Zend\Session\SaveHandler\MongoDB allows you to provide a MongoDB collection to be utilized as a session save handler. You provide the options in the Zend\Session\SaveHandler\MongoDBOptions class. You must install the mongodb PHP extensions and the MongoDB PHP library.

Basic Usage

use MongoDB\Client;
use Zend\Session\SaveHandler\MongoDB;
use Zend\Session\SaveHandler\MongoDBOptions;
use Zend\Session\SessionManager;

$mongoClient = new Client();
$options = new MongoDBOptions([
    'database'   => 'myapp',
    'collection' => 'sessions',
$saveHandler = new MongoDB($mongoClient, $options);
$manager     = new SessionManager();

Custom Save Handlers

There may be cases where you want to create a save handler. Creating a custom save handler is much like creating a custom PHP save handler, with minor differences. All zend-session-compatible save handlers must implement Zend\Session\SaveHandler\SaveHandlerInterface. Additionally, if your save handler has configurable functionality, you will also need to create an options class.

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