The Identity helper allows retrieving the identity from the AuthenticationService.

For the Identity helper to work, a Zend\Authentication\AuthenticationService or Zend\Authentication\AuthenticationServiceInterface name or alias must be defined and recognized by the ServiceManager.

Identity returns the identity discovered in the AuthenticationService, or null if no identity is available.

Basic Usage

    if ($user = $this->identity()) {
        echo 'Logged in as ' . $this->escapeHtml($user->getUsername());
    } else {
        echo 'Not logged in';

Using with ServiceManager

When invoked, the Identity plugin will look for a service by the name or alias Zend\Authentication\AuthenticationService in the ServiceManager. You can provide this service to the ServiceManager in a configuration file:

// In a configuration file...
use Zend\Authentication\AuthenticationService;
use Zend\ServiceManager\Factory\InvokableFactory;

return [
    'service_manager' => [
        'aliases' => [
            'my_auth_service' => AuthenticationService::class,
        'factories' => [
            AuthenticationService::class => InvokableFactory::class,

If that service is not registered, the plugin will then look for a service named Zend\Authentication\AuthenticationServiceInterface, and use that if found.

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