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The Layout helper is used to get and set the template for the layout or to retrieving the root view model.

Basic Usage

Change the Layout Template

If you're running a zend-mvc application then the layout template is set in the configuration for the ViewManager.

To change the layout template within a view script, call:


Or use the setTemplate method:


Set View Variable on Layout Model

The Layout helper can also retrieve the view model for the layout (root):

/** @var \Zend\View\Model\ViewModel $rootViewModel */
$rootViewModel = $this->layout();

This offers the possibility to set variables for the layout script.

Set a Single Variable

$this->layout()->setVariable('infoText', 'Some text for later');

Use in your layout script:

if (isset($infoText)) {
    echo $infoText;

Set a Set of Variables

    'headerText' => '…',
    'footerText' => '…',

More informations related to view models can be found in the quick start.

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