Writing Custom Reporters

A reporter is a class implementing ReporterInterface.

namespace ZendDiagnostics\Runner\Reporter;

use ArrayObject;
use ZendDiagnostics\Check\CheckInterface as Check;
use ZendDiagnostics\Result\Collection as ResultCollection;
use ZendDiagnostics\Result\ResultInterface as Result;

interface ReporterInterface
    public function onStart(ArrayObject $checks, $runnerConfig);
    public function onBeforeRun(Check $check);
    public function onAfterRun(Check $check, Result $result);
    public function onStop(ResultCollection $results);
    public function onFinish(ResultCollection $results);

A Runner invokes the above methods while running diagnostics in the following order:

  • onStart - right after calling Runner::run()
  • onBeforeRun - before each individual Check.
  • onAfterRun - after each individual check has finished running.
  • onFinish - after Runner has finished its job.
  • onStop - in case Runner has been interrupted:
    • when the reporter has returned false from the onAfterRun method
    • or when the runner is configured with setBreakOnFailure(true) and one of the checks fails.

Some reporter methods can be used to interrupt the operation of a diagnostics runner:

  • onBeforeRun(Check $check) - in case this method returns false, that particular check will be omitted.
  • onAfterRun(Check $check, Result($result)) - in case this method returns false, the runner will abort checking.

All other return values are ignored.

zendframework/zenddiagnostics ships with a simple Console reporter that can serve as an example of how to write your own reporters.

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