zenddiagnostics provides diagnostic tests for real-world PHP applications.

It currently ships with the following diagnostic checks:

  • ApcFragmentation - check if APC memory fragmentation is below given threshold,
  • ApcMemory - check available APC memory,
  • Callback - call a user-defined diagnostic function,
  • ClassExists - make sure class exists in current environment,
  • CouchDBCheck - check if connection is possible,
  • CpuPerformance - check server CPU performance is above baseline,
  • DirReadable - make sure given path is readable,
  • DirWritable - make sure given path is writable,
  • DiskFree - check there's enough free space on given path,
  • DiskUsage - check if the disk usage is below warning/critical percent thresholds,
  • DoctrineMigration - make sure all migrations are applied.
  • ExtensionLoaded - make sure extension is loaded,
  • GuzzleHttpService - check if given http host is responding using Guzzle,
  • HttpService - check if given http host is responding,
  • Memcache - check if memcache extension is loaded and given server is reachable,
  • Mongo - check if connection to MongoDb is possible,
  • OpCacheMemory - check if the OpCache memory usage is below warning/critical thresholds,
  • PDOCheck - check if connection is possible,
  • PhpVersion - make sure that PHP version matches constraint,
  • PhpFlag - make sure that given PHP flag (feature) is turned on or off.
  • ProcessRunning - check if a process with given name or ID is currently running,
  • RabbitMQ - Validate that a RabbitMQ service is running,
  • Redis - Validate that a Redis service is running,
  • SecurityAdvisory - check installed composer dependencies against SensioLabs SA database,
  • StreamWrapperExists - make sure given stream wrapper is available.

It also provides the following file validation checks:

  • IniFile - check if given INI file is available and valid,
  • JsonFile - check if given JSON file is available and valid,
  • XmlFile - check if given XML file is available and valid,
  • YamlFile - check if given YAML file is available and valid

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