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The FormButton view helper is used to render a <button> HTML element and its attributes.

Basic usage

use Zend\Form\Element;

$element = new Element\Button('my-button');

// Within your view...

 * Example #1: Render entire button in one shot...
echo $this->formButton($element);
// Result: <button name="my-button" type="button">Reset</button>

 * Example #2: Render button in 3 steps
// Render the opening tag
echo $this->formButton()->openTag($element);
// Result: <button name="my-button" type="button">

echo '<span class="inner">' . $element->getLabel() . '</span>';

// Render the closing tag
echo $this->formButton()->closeTag();
// Result: </button>

 * Example #3: Override the element label
echo $this->formButton()->render($element, 'My Content');
// Result: <button name="my-button" type="button">My Content</button>

Public methods

The following public methods are in addition to those inherited from the FormInput:

Method signature Description
openTag($element = null) : string Renders the <button> open tag for the $element instance.
closeTag() : string Renders a </button> closing tag.
render(ElementInterface $element [, $buttonContent = null]) : string Renders a button's opening tag, inner content, and closing tag. If $buttonContent is null, defaults to $element's label.

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