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The FormElement view helper proxies the rendering to specific form view helpers depending on the type of the Zend\Form\Element provided. For instance, if the provided element had a type of "text", the FormElement helper will retrieve and use the FormText helper to render the element.

Basic usage:

use Zend\Form\Form;
use Zend\Form\Element;

// Within your view...

 * Example #1: Render different types of form elements
$textElement     = new Element\Text('my-text');
$checkboxElement = new Element\Checkbox('my-checkbox');

echo $this->formElement($textElement);
// Result: <input type="text" name="my-text" value="">

echo $this->formElement($checkboxElement);
// Result:
// <input type="hidden" name="my-checkbox" value="0">
// <input type="checkbox" name="my-checkbox" value="1">

 * Example #2: Loop through form elements and render them
$form = new Form();
// ...add elements and input filter to form...

// Render the opening tag
echo $this->form()->openTag($form);

// ...loop through and render the form elements...
foreach ($form as $element) {
    echo $this->formElement($element);
    echo $this->formElementErrors($element);

// Render the closing tag
echo $this->form()->closeTag();

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