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Zend\Form\View\Helper\FormCollection was originally developed for rendering Zend\Form\Element\Collection instances, but is capable of rendering any iterable element type, including fieldsets and forms.

Internally, it iterates the element provided, and calls one of the following view helpers based on the element encountered:

  • If a fieldset (or, by extension, collection or form) is encountered, it is passed to itself (in other words, FormCollection).
  • Otherwise, it is passed to FormRow.

Basic usage

use My\ContactFieldset;
use Zend\Form\Element;

$collection = new Element\Collection();
$collection->setTargetElement([ 'type' => ContactFieldset::class ]);

// In a view script:
echo $this->formCollection($collection);

The above, assuming the fieldset is created correctly, will generate one or more fieldsets with the name contacts[], each containing the elements defined in My\ContactFieldset. The number of fieldsets created will be based on what data was bound to the form.

By default, the collection is wrapped into <fieldset> tag. You can override this behavior passing false as second parameter of the helper.

You can also prevent fieldset addition using setShouldWrap() method.

// In a view script
// Both following lines are equivalent:
echo $this->formCollection($collection, false);
echo $this->formCollection($collection)->setShouldWrap(false);

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