Date Validator

Zend\Validator\Date allows you to validate if a given value contains a date.

Supported options

The following options are supported for Zend\Validator\Date:

  • format: Sets the format which is used to write the date.
  • locale: Sets the locale which will be used to validate date values.

Default date validation

The easiest way to validate a date is by using the default date format, Y-m-d.

$validator = new Zend\Validator\Date();

$validator->isValid('2000-10-10');   // returns true
$validator->isValid('10.10.2000'); // returns false

Specifying a date format

Zend\Validator\Date also supports custom date formats. When you want to validate such a date, use the format option. This option accepts any format allowed by the PHP DateTime::createFromFormat() method.

$validator = new Zend\Validator\Date(['format' => 'Y']);

$validator->isValid('2010'); // returns true
$validator->isValid('May');  // returns false

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