Timezone Validator

Zend\Validator\Timezone allows validating if an input string represents a timezone.

Supported validation types

The Zend\Validator\Timezone validator is capable of validating the abbreviation (e.g. ewt) as well as the location string (e.g. America/Los_Angeles). These options are stored in the validator as LOCATION, ABBREVIATION, and ALL class constants.

Basic Usage

The default validation type will check against abbreviations as well as the location string.

$validator = new Zend\Validator\Timezone();

$validator->isValid('America/Los_Angeles'); // returns true
$validator->isValid('ewt'); // returns true
$validator->isValid('Foobar');  // returns false

To validate against only the location string you can set the type:

use Zend\Validator\Timezone;

$validator = new Timezone();

$validator->isValid('America/Los_Angeles'); // returns true
$validator->isValid('ewt'); // returns false
$validator->isValid('Foobar');  // returns false

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