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Uri Validator

Zend\Validator\Uri allows you to validate a URI using the Zend\Uri\Uri handler to parse the URI. The validator allows for both validation of absolute and/or relative URIs. There is the possibility to exchange the handler for another one in case the parsing of the uri should be done differently.

Supported options

The following options are supported for Zend\Validator\Uri:

  • uriHandler: Defines the handler to be used to parse the uri. This options defaults to a new instance of Zend\Uri\Uri.
  • allowRelative: Defines if relative paths are allowed. This option defaults to true.
  • allowAbsolute: Defines if absolute paths are allowed. This option defaults to true.

Basic usage

$validator = new Zend\Validator\Uri();
$uri = '';

if ($validator->isValid($uri)) {
    // $uri was valid
} else {
    // false. You can use $validator->getMessages() to retrieve error messages

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