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Zend\Validator\File\NotExists checks for the existence of files in specified directories.

This validator is inversely related to the Exists validator.

Supported Options

The following set of options are supported:

  • directory: Array of directories or comma-delimited string of directories against which to validate.

Basic Usage

use Zend\Validator\File\NotExists;

// Only allow files that do not exist in ~either~ directories
$validator = new NotExists('/tmp,/var/tmp');

// ... or with array notation:
$validator = new NotExists(['/tmp', '/var/tmp']);

// ... or using options notation:
$validator = new NotExists(['directory' => [

// Perform validation
if ($validator->isValid('/home/myfile.txt')) {
    // file is valid

Checks against all directories

This validator checks whether the specified file does not exist in any of the given directories; validation will fail if the file exists in one (or more) of the given directories.

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