Explode Validator

Zend\Validator\Explode executes a validator for each item exploded from an array.

Supported options

The following options are supported for Zend\Validator\Explode:

  • valueDelimiter: Defines the delimiter used to explode values from an array. It defaults to ,. If the given value is an array, this option isn't used.
  • validator: Sets the validator that will be executed on each exploded item. This may be a validator instance, or a validator service name.

Basic usage

To validate if every item in an array is in a specified haystack:

$inArrayValidator = new Zend\Validator\InArray([
    'haystack' => [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6],

$explodeValidator = new Zend\Validator\Explode([
    'validator' => $inArrayValidator

$explodeValidator->isValid([1, 4, 6]);    // returns true
$explodeValidator->isValid([1, 4, 6, 8]); // returns false

Exploding strings

To validate if every e-mail in a string is contained in a list of names:

$inEmailListValidator = new Zend\Validator\InArray([
    'haystack' => ['joseph@test.com', 'mark@test.com', 'lucia@test.com'],

$explodeValidator = new Zend\Validator\Explode([
    'validator' => $inEmailListValidator,
    'valueDelimiter' => ','

$explodeValidator->isValid('joseph@test.com,mark@test.com'); // returns true
$explodeValidator->isValid('lucia@test.com,maria@test.com');  // returns false

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