File Validators


Zend\Validator\File\UploadFile checks whether a single file has been uploaded via a form POST and will return descriptive messages for any upload errors.

Basic Usage

use Zend\Http\PhpEnvironment\Request;
use Zend\Validator\File\UploadFile;

$request = new Request();
$files   = $request->getFiles();
// i.e. $files['my-upload']['error'] == 0

$validator = new UploadFile();
if ($validator->isValid($files['my-upload'])) {
    // file is valid

PSR-7 Support

  • Since 2.11.0

Starting in 2.11.0, you can also pass PSR-7 UploadedFileInterface instances as values to the validator. When valid, getValue() will return the instance validated verbatim:

$validator = new UploadFile();

// @var Psr\Http\Message\UploadedFileInterface $uploadedFile
if ($validator->isValid($uploadedFile)) {
    // file is valid
    $validInstance = $validator->getValue(); // === $uploadedFile

Usage with zend-inputfilter

When using zend-inputfilter's FileInput, this validator will be automatically prepended to the validator chain.

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